Smartending App


Experience a Smarter ordering process.

Buy items through your smartphone, and pick them
up at a designated location, with less wait time.

Buy drinks through your smartphone, and pick them up at a designated location at the bar, with less wait time

What is it?


1. verb; the traditional bartending process performed, in a smarter, more efficient way.
2. verb; a person(s) bartending while utilizing the Smartending bar mat & 2 touch POS system.

Imagine never having to wait in line or deal with a crowded bar again at your next event. With the SMARTENDING mobile ordering system, you can easily order items like beer, shots, merchandise, and general concessions with just a few clicks on your phone. Not only will you save time, but you'll also be able to enjoy your event to the fullest without any interruptions. Don't miss out on the convenience and ease of use that the SMARTENDING app offers, give it a try today!

EASY AS1, 2, 3.



For quicker service, use our app for purchases ahead of time and more.

Smartending App


Tap the sensor at our custom mate

Smartending App


Match your assigned pick up number, to our Smartending numbered bar mat.

A smarter, more efficient way to order your favorite drinks.

Find your favorite spot, pay your favorite drink ahead of time.

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